About Us

LEGACY Liberia is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) which aim is to develop and promote Leadership, youth empowerment, patriotism, Advocacy, and bringing changes to Liberia by developing and building the capacity youths to take the stand toward the improvement of modern and digital technologies in schools, communities, Agency, Institutions etc. in order to insure transparency, accountability and enhance Information Communication Technology (ICT) in order to improve the livelihood of Liberian.

Our Story

The idea of LEGACY Liberia came about when a young man name Romeo L. Quoi, Jr. brought to focus to his colleague Anthony Nyemah Williams whilst attending the same College. He felt that there was a need that his other colleague collaborates toward making a change to Liberia in every way they can, Anthony Nyemah Williams welcome the idea and he joined Romeo immediately toward the establishment of LEGACY Liberia. LEGACY Liberia was established January 1, 2017 by Romeo L. Quoi, Jr. and Anthony Nyemah Williams.


Currently LEGACY Liberia office is located Police Academy Community, Paynesville, Montserrado County RL. 

Growth Highlights.

LEGACY Liberia don’t have any financial support now and they are anticipating toward partnering with organization to subsidize the Company to work efficiently and effectively.

Our Services — Briefly describe the products or services you provide.

LEGACY Liberia is a company the is basically involving in promoting technology and implementing digital ICT system such as:


  • Sever Administration
  • Database Administration
  • Network Administration
  • Web designing, Development and Management
  • Microsoft Office Suite Cooperate Training
  • Implementation of Virtualization Technology
  • Computer Maintenance and Repair
  • Configure and Install Computer Operating System
  • Backing up Information


  • Volunteering to do anything worth impact
  • Community engagement
  • Computer Literacy
  • Motivation and inspiration


  • Inspirational Drama
  • Motivational Drama
  • Motivational and Inspirational Stories
  • Music
  • Movies


  • Bringing Liberian together through sport
  • Soccer
  • Baseball


  • Anti-Corruption
  • Advocacy

Financial Information.

LEGACY Liberia is an organization that was just founded and currently don’t have any finance or bank account, though we are anticipating toward creating accounts in the future.


Our expectation of LEGACY Liberia in the nearby future is to become one of Liberia’s biggest youth organization creating impact across Liberia and enhancing Leadership structure, implementing digital Technology system, promoting transparency, accountability, Edutainment, increasing computer Literacy, quality digital ways of educating, engaging communities, carrying on advocacy, motivating and creating an impact to the society at large.

LEGACY Liberia Philosophy:

LEGACY Liberia wants to see Liberians contributing to Liberia instead of relying or depending of government for everything. “Together we can leave a mark”


Our short term goal is to target all high schools in Monrovia and later move to other part of Liberia, building a responsive website with a centralize database system, where schools administrations and students will be able to access students information online at their convenience wherever they are, and also providing career development for high school students in order for them to understand where their career lies, mentoring them towards becoming leaders and getting them ready for lead Liberia in the next ten to twenty years to come.

Note: The idea of Building a website for high school will help keep records of students’ data and make schools be recognizing across the globe monitoring their activities and backing up student data in case of disaster in the future so the student’s data can be safe and retrievable. Implementing this technology in high school will help boost and improve the education system of our Liberia mitigating Corruption and increasing transparency.

Example 1: If a students was expel from an institution of a high school with a bad conduct, and the student decides to attend another school, the administration of the previous school will update the student profile with a bad record which will also take effect on the student data online. As soon as the student goes to another school to get enroll the administration of the that school will just go online to check the student profile from their previous school and they will find out that that student has a bad conduct or that student fail.

Example 2: if a student fails in a school and forge their document and decide to go another school to sit in the class that they are not qualify to sit in, the administration will check on line to make sure that the document that the student brought was valid. If not the student will not be accepted.

The implementation of these system by LEGACY Liberia will enhance the education system and improve transparency and accountability.

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