EMSPIRE Ganta 2017


T O G E T H E R    W E    W I L L    L E A V E   A    M A R K !!!!

Summit fees $50 USD


Hotel Accommodation

Transporatation To and From Ganta

Participant Certificate

Participant Booklet

Medical Insurance

3 Times a day Feeding

Participant T-Shirt

Participant Stickers, Notepad & Pen


By January 2018 Liberia will inaugurate a newly elected government. Legacy Liberia is highly concerned with how much contributing the youth of this country can meaningfully participate towards building their nation for the next years and beyond.

EMSPIRE is a youth summit intended to afford youth the opportunity to creatively solve problems affecting Liberia and its communities.

This summit will enable youth to understand, engage, and become part of problem solving in schools, communities, homes, work places and Liberia at large. During the summit, youth will acquire skills from variety of areas that will be focus on. The following topics are: Sustainable Development Goals, Community Engagement, Public Management, Voluntarism, Seizing Opportunity, Marketing yourself, starting your own organization, Entrepreneurship, Fund Raising, Management, Open Access and Social Media.

Participants will be afforded the opportunity to understand and participate in open discussions amongst their peers and lecturers in order to come up with solutions with regards to problems affecting communities across Liberia.

At the end of EMSPIRE 2017 Ganta Annual Youth Summit, Participants will have developed new ideas, strategies, methodology and the capacity towards contributing to the advancement of the their country and the society at large.

They will be grouped and guided to undertake projects which will include:

  • Engaging and developing communities
  • Cleaning Streets and communities
  • Building bridges to connect communities affected by floods in order for kids to get to school on time.
  • Providing trashcans for communities to mitigate the spread of waste in communities.
  • Building Public Latrines for communities that can’t afford.
  • Building and installing pumps in communities to stop kids and community dwellers from covering long distances to fetch save drinking water.
  • Solving problems in high schools & Universities
  • Heading an anti-corruption campaign in High school and University.
  • Building effective website for High Schools and Universities.
  • Providing Tutorial/Study classes for students in schools.
  • Buying Text Books and donating them to High Schools
  • Fund raising to send the less privileged to school in order to acquire education.
  • Volunteerism
  • Volunteering at schools to for a specific period of time to give back to students what you have learned over the years.
  • Volunteering to help feed and cloths orphans at any orphanage home.
  • Social Media
  • Carrying out social media campaign
  • Crowdfunding


  • Open Access
  • Publishing academic resources
  • Digital publishing of data
  • SDGs
  • Quality Education

Summit Fees: Participants will have $50 USD each in order to attend the summit in Ganta December 27-30.

Below are what the summit fees will cover:

  • Transportation to Ganta and Back.
  • Hotel Accommodation
  • 3 times a day feeding i.e. (Breakfast, Dinner, & Launch) for the 3 days the summit will last.
  • Participants Booklets
  • Participants T-shirt
  • Stickers for Participant
  • Notepad & Pen for Participants
  • Certificate for Participants
  • Health Insurance

Benefit of the summit: At the end of EMSPIRE Ganta 2017, Participants will have developed an open mind towards the above topic that will be discuss during the summit.

Participants will gain access to networking opportunities, transferable skills, mentorship, and exchange ideals with peers, one on one discussion with expertise, tools towards contributing to the enhancement and advancement of communities and the society at large.


Eligibility: In order to apply and be accepted to attend EMSPIRE Ganta 2017, participants must:

  • Be between age 15 – 30 years
  • Must be a Junior High student or above
  • Must be in a recognized vocational institution

How to apply:

Call  #:    +231880811238 / 770216636 / 880784604 /0778310624

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