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Free Tutorial and Training for students

LEGACY Liberia has decided to build website and Database for all High schools and Non-profit organizations in Liberia for absolutely free. One of our long term goal is to enhance our educational system toward providing digital learning system, promoting transparency and accountability in all high schools by connecting all high school databases to a centralize database system where anyone around the world can view (read only) legitimate students information from Liberian schools’ databases using the school website.

LEGACY Liberia is of the strongest conviction and optimist that the effective implementation of this system in our schools will enhance, improve and boost our education system and all of our high schools in Liberia will be recognize worldwide. Therefore, we are calling on all high school administrations to register on our website or contact us on our contact page to get started with school free website and free data base as soon as possible.

Don’t worry about who’s going to manage your website and databases, we have volunteers with incredible experience working with database and website who are going to train your people that will manage your website and database.

Please don’t not for to contact us on our contact page or click here to contact us now.


We all knows the current economy status of majority Liberian who are low income earners and jobless, LEGACY Liberia has found a way to work mitigate some of these problem faced by us today. Below are computer courses that will be offer by LEGACY Liberia for free and be awarded a valid certificate that will be accepted around Liberia that will provide job opportunity across Liberia.

  • Introduction to Computer
  • Introduction to Networking

All these offers will be free of charge and anyone who will to buttress our effort in any other ways, they will be doing it at their own will and pleasure but LEGACY Liberia will not charge any school, students or organization any fees for it services. “All we want is to leave a mark(LEGACY)”

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