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We are a non-profit organization committed to solving challenging societal problems using modern technology by identifying challenges and engaging communities, developing the appropriate technological solutions for the digital livelihood of mama Liberia.

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“If future generations are to remember us more with gratitude than sorrow, we must achieve more than just the miracles of technology.
Lyndon B. Johnson

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Search Campaign
Search Campaign
Help us identify problems that can be solved using technology, recommend small businesses, institutions, and non-profit to be a part of the process.
Make a Donation
Make a Donation
Every cent/kind of what you want to contribute counts towards the digitalization of Liberia count. Give today and help be the change you want.
Join our amazing team of volunteers, gain experience, learn new skills, build your capacity, and become part of the digitalization movement.
Spread The News
Spread The News
Help spread the news and inform people about this initiative so that everyone can be involved with digitizing Liberia.
We’re Currently Digitizing

20 High Schools Across Monrovia

Website for Schools
We are developing websites for high school so that information dissemination and inquiry can be efficient for students, teachers, parents, and the general public.
Virtual Learning Environment
We are developing a virtual learning environment for students and teachers to access teaching material efficiently.
School Management System
We are developing a school management system for high school to enable an effective administration of high school electronically.
Training & Technological Skills
We are training students with technical knowledge and technological skills to effectively manage schools website, VLE in order to get compensated while schooling.
On Campus Digital Literacy
We are also reaching out to classrooms, student forum providing information and education regarding modern technology and computer literacy.
Digital Campus Advocacy
We are advocating for a digital environment where high school students will have the opportunity to access a modern computer lab with 24hrs full internet access for research pruposes.
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Discover what’s possible when technology takes over!!

Implementing technology in schools can help close this gap. Technology has the ability to enhance the relationship between teachers and students. …Technology helps make teaching more meaningful and interesting. Students can also collaborate with classmates through technology applications.
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